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Our choices have an impacts people, communities and the environment
We are not just a construction company. We are a business that is committed to building better, stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.
Our pledge is to innovate and set new benchmarks in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our industry-leading CSR strategy outlines responsible behaviour at every stage of project delivery – understanding both the short-term and long-lasting effects of construction. We aim to create sustainable buildings and communities and ensure that we responsibly manage and reduce our health and safety risks, impact on the environment.

Supply Chain

We work with the best suppliers, subcontractors and consultants on every project.
We deliver quality projects on time and on budget through the careful management of approved suppliers, which includes local businesses.
Our approved list
Our supply chain includes everyone from architecture and engineering consultants, to subcontractors, and material suppliers. Our high standards apply to every one of these businesses or individuals. Using a combination of references, performance reviews and grading systems, we find and work only with the best in the business.

Training & Development

We encourage our people to grow and fulfil their potential with Bespoke Joinery.
We perform regular, structured performance discussions with all our people, to help ensure everyone reaches their potential. Consequently we also offer a wide selection of career and development opportunities.
The training we offer includes a broad range of construction related courses, as well as wider business, and personal development programmes. Forums are held on a regular basis where ideas and information can be exchanged to establish and continually update best practices.


Every employee is an ambassador of the company but also for themsleves and colleagues.
We expect everyone to adhere to the Group's values and expectations.


Listening and sharing; building trust and acting with integrity; treating others with respect and working with transparency


Being professional and adopting best practice to meet clients’ highest expectations while achieving the highest possible standings in terms of quality, health, safety and sustainability


Encouraging our team to be inventive and continually adapting and introducing fresh approaches to all aspects of our business; striving to be the best


Working collaboratively together, sharing knowledge and experiences to deliver the best solutions


Encouraging, supporting and understanding others – their ideas, their views and their knowledge

Strategic Aims

Across our operating companies our aims are to deliver ‘best-in-class’ levels of performance for our clients, to deliver long term sustainable growth in turnover and profits providing a stimulating, rewarding work environment for our employees and to produce a return for our stakeholders.
The achievement of our aims is supported through our people being proactive to meet and exceed client needs and consistent operational excellence

Residential & Commercial Portfolio

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